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Email Setup Explanation
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Email setup explaination

The email account that is set up by default on your Compila hosting package is known as a catchall alias.

The alias is the part of the email address before the @ sign i.e. sales, info,
webmaster etc. You can use unlimited email aliases.

In other words a catchall alias will catch anything before the @ sign. and

So, unless you want multiple users to pick up individual email or you want certain email
aliases to go to certain PCs, then there is no need to modify the way the email is set up.

All you need to do is either set up a new mail account in Outlook Express or forward
your email to your ISP account.

However, if you do wish to set up separate users please follow this procedure.

1) Login to your site admin

2) Create a new user such as jbloggs and allocate a password.

3) In the email aliases section just add jbloggs not

4) Save Changes

5) Simply repeat steps 1-4 for your other users.

With regard to Outlook Express, all the settings to be able to follow the set up wizard
are in this Log In Details email.

i.e. From the Outlook Express Menu

Tools > Accounts > Mail Tab > Add Button > New Mail

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