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How to Add new email accounts in cPanel
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You have the ability to add extra email accounts to your main account. The number of email accounts you have is controlled by your web host and shown on the main screen of your cPanel interface.

1 To access the Mail Menu, click on the MAIL icon above the word Mail on the main screen of your cPanel interface.

2 Click on the words Add/Remove Accounts to enter MAIL ACCOUNT MAINTENANCE.

3 Click on the words Add Account.

4 Enter the name of the account, the account's password, and the account's quota (amount of disk space the account can use) in their respective blank fields.

5 Click on the button labelled create to create the account.

NOTE: If the account was created successfully, the following will appear (except it will contain the information you provided in the blank fields rather than the information provided above):

Account Created

The e-mail account with the login and password test with a quota of 10 megs was successfully created.

Some email clients may not recognize non-standard characters for the account name. If the account is not being created, make sure that all fields contain information before clicking on create.

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